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the playbook, HOW TO WIN ELECTIONS IN GEORGIA was created in partnership with georgian photographer ELENE SHENGELIA during the art residency UNDER THE SHADOW OF BIG TREES by the TBILISI PHOTOGRAPHY & MULTIMEDIA MUSEUM and the TBILISI PHOTO FESTIVAL.

dominant narratives in the south caucasus region  - was the main theme of the residency.

book explores the role of political posters after the independence of republic of georgia. 

we did a research on the archive of political posters of NATIONAL PARLIAMENTARY LIBRARY, and under the mentorship of ukrainian artist NIKITA KADAN - we've created a playbook which step by step guides a reader how to win political elections in georgia. 

the playbook consists of two main sections: 

1st sections teaches a reader how to create political posters, what kind of imagery and language to use to win hearts of georgian electorate .
2nd section regards with application of the posters  - where and how to place posters for the maximum effectivity in public spaces.


playbook was presented and exhibited at the TBILISI PHOTOGRAPHY & MULTIMEDIA MUSEUM. 

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